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First 100 customers receive an exclusive gift with purchase. You will be emailed your gift offer.
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First 100 customers receive an exclusive gift with purchase. You will be emailed your gift offer.
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What if my perfume stops working?

We manufacture in small batches and this is our first ever(!) production run so we expect there to be a few anomalies. Please email us on with any problems and we will guide you through a returns process.

What is Harmonized WITHIN?

Our fragrance collection harnesses a scientific phenomena called cymatics. Cymatics is a brand of physics that studies of wave phenomena in sound and it’s visual representations.  We have crafted unique soundscapes for each scent which are used during the distillation process to infuse harmony into every atom of your scent. 

Using an optimum frequency set to 432 Hz (known as the Schumann Resonance), which is the documented fundamental electromagnetic “heartbeat” of Earth, the sound frequencies effect is the neutralization of negative electromagnetic fields. These effects are the result of neurological reactions to the harmonic vibrations. The 432 Hz frequency has gained importance in music therapy because it can help release emotional blockages and support the healing process.

Please see our creators journal to learn more about the composer of our soundscapes.

Where do the ingredients come from?

The answeOur R&D partner is the world famous, IFF. Working with master perfumers, all of our fragrances are blended in France and incorporate IFF’s ground-breaking naturals and neuroscience

Please see our creators journal to see the amazing perfumers who have created our first collection of scents, TEMPLE. r

How are your fragrances backed by neuroscience?

Our fragrances use propriety technology for our R&D partner IFF called “IFF science of wellness”. Using a unique integrated solution, combining 40 years of human conscious and unconscious measures, advanced neurosciences, proprietary AI and unique IFF ingredients, perfumers can now unveil the power of extraordinary senses for holistic wellness. The unique effect of these ingredients in our perfumes is what we call our emotional fusion.

What is LMR?

Pioneering perfume analyst Monique Remy founded Laboratoire Monique Remy in Grasse, in 1983 with the passion to create pure natural extracts. Since that day LMR Naturals’ guiding principle has always been to deliver premium, 100% pure and natural extracts, with a strict ethos of complete transparency, and commitment to environmental management and sustainable development. Fully owned by IFF, the ethos of sustainability and fair practice for growers and ingredients is in perfect equilibrium with the foundations of the WITHIN 51/49 brand, you can learn more about IFF’s LMR programme here

What is upcycled turmeric?

Using IFF’s LMR technology our turmeric is upcycled and uses all parts of the plant which might have previously gone to waste. LMR Turmeric Leaf is made from dried leaves, which are usually discarded. It’s an innovative fragrance ingredient that brings an exclusive freshness to the market and provides farmers in India with an additional income, allowing us to secure long-term partnerships for growth. LMR Turmeric Root valorizes the remnants obtained from the root extraction process for curcumin. This natural ingredient offers unique spicy, woody facets with subtle floral and creamy effects to empower our scents. 

You can learn more about IFF’s upcycled turmeric here.

Will the active turmeric stain my skin or clothes?

No! Our turmeric extract is colourless as the curcumin (with its signature orange colour) is separated when it is extracted for the food industry. 

Can I take out the gems inside our bottle?

Sadly for now no, but we are working on screw neck bottles to allow you to open your product and enjoy the precious gems inside!

Tell me more about the gems inside my bottle…

Each scent has ben matched with a gemstone to compliment its unique emotional fusion and soundscape. 

We also recommend you enjoy the sound of the gems when you shake the bottle softly as a reminder of the power WITHIN. You may see small particles in your fragrance as the gems move against each other, these are natural or and do not harm or degrade your fragrance. 

You can find out more about our gemmologist in our creators journal.  

What does my orange onyx cap do?

Inspired by mother nature these caps are hand crafted orange onyx. The top of the cap is intentionally left unpolished and natural. We recommend that you spray the top of your cap, where the textured stone will absorb your fragrance to gently scent the space around your bottle. 

Why do I have a small gold cap in my box?

We know that travel is an essential part of discovery, so to allow you to take your favourite WITHIN 51/49 perfume with you on your travels we have included a small gold travel cap. Simply swap out for a convenient streamlined travel solution. 

What is inside the pouch in my box?

Inside our handmade pouches you’ll find some helpful guides for your scent and meditation practice. 

Three cards contain information on your scent as well as a QR code to easily access the soundscape for each fragrance. 

You’ll also find a crystal to aid meditation. We recommend you spray your crystal with your scent and carry it with you inside the pouch alongside the molecular image of your fragrance, holding it in your hand whenever you need on life’s journey as a reminder of your connection WITHIN. 

How do I listen to the sound of my scent?

We recommend you download your fragrances soundscape to your phone or you can listen on soundcloud, you can access the soundscape through the QR code on your product card. 

Is your packaging sustainable?

Our packaging is designed to be durable and re-usable for your perfume or precious trinkets; just remove the tray inside (which we purposely did not glue) and use your box however you wish!

Our bottles will soon become recyclable once we move to screw cap version- we’re working on it and hope to be announcing this very soon!

How do you test your products?

We comply with all global testing standards through independent experts to ensure our products are safe for use. If you have any concerns about allergens or sensitivities please contact us on to talk to one of our friendly representatives. 

Why are your products made in Turkey?

Like our founder, our products are inspired by the world, crafted in London and put together in Turkey and the UK.

What about the free samples in my order?

We offer a sample vial of the scent you have chosen, to allow you to try in sample size before unwrapping the real deal. The second sample is our gift to you, to allow you to try another scent from our range which you can select at checkout.

Can I return my product?

We are sure you will love your new WITHIN 51/49 fragrance but if for any reason you don’t you can arrange a return by emailing us on We accept returns as long as the original package has not been opened (its why we provide a little sample for you in every order!).

Where will my order be shipped from?

We ship to most places globally (and we are working on the ones that we can’t yet!) from our warehouse in the UK. 

When will I receive my order?

We always endeavour to ship your products promptly, we use the below courier services globally who will be in touch with more information on tracking and any import duties once your product has been shipped.

North America: UPS-FedEx and DHL


Europe: DPD and GLS



Will I have to pay import fees?

As our warehouse is in the UK sadly orders outside of the country will incur import fees. However all orders for full size products through our website are complimentary to help offset this inconvenience.

Somethings gone wrong during shipping, help!

Missing parcel or damaged in transit? We always hope this will ever happen but if it does please contact us on as well as the courier service and we will help to rectify the situation. 

I would love to work with you!

And we would love to hear from you! Please email us on with the relevant information and we’ll get back in touch.

Where are you stocked?

You can find our list of stockists here.

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