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First 100 customers receive an exclusive gift with purchase. You will be emailed your gift offer.
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First 100 customers receive an exclusive gift with purchase. You will be emailed your gift offer.
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behind the brand

for the modern, conscious generation seeking inner balance and elevation, WITHIN 51/49 offers a pioneering blend of natural fragrances infused with advanced technology and spiritual essence. More than just a fragrance brand, we serve as an experiential portal for profound self-discovery. Using our proprietary sound technology, our fragrances transcend mere scents and serve as gateways to tune in to profound self-awareness. At our core, we represent a pioneering spirit, transforming each inhalation into an invitation to journey deeper and embrace the extraordinary universe that resides within. 

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what's in the name

51/49 in our name symbolises the essential 1% – the tipping point of transformative change. By tapping into the boundless universe WITHIN, we can find this pivotal 1%. If you can just get to the place where change tips the scales of your life for the better, you are making the difference. Merging 51 and 49 to a full 100%, we advocate for living a wholesome, authentic life, without compromise.

founding story

WITHIN 51/49 was founded by global retail and luxury expert Hande Sadic. Having worked with many leading and well-loved brands, she set out to combine her passions for excellent products with personal wellbeing and spirituality. The launch of WITHIN 51/49 marks a significant moment in the evolution of fragrance, inviting everyone to explore the boundless universe within themselves. A business as global as Hande, WITHIN 51/49 was launched in London, United Kingdom, Los Angeles, United States and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2023. 

our scent alchemy


We enhance the natural ingredients in all our fragrances with different MhZ sound frequencies to maximise their effect by using sound as an ingredient – proving a structural change - harmonization - at the cellular level. This treatment combines neutralisation of negative electro-magnetic fields and harmonisation of the ingredients by sound frequencies 


IFF uniquely selected premium ingredients allowing to activate brain areas associated to various emotions (seduction, energy, relaxation, mindfulness) to create our functional fragrances with another unique angle of using TURMERIC the first time ever as an ingredient. Each extract and scent combination from IFF in WITHIN’s perfumes are crafted to evoke an increase in positive mental states 

It is the unique bringing together of sound and ingredients that crafts our signature scent alchemy.

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