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First 100 customers receive an exclusive gift with purchase. You will be emailed your gift offer.
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First 100 customers receive an exclusive gift with purchase. You will be emailed your gift offer.
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WITHIN 51/49 is a brand born from a deeply personal quest for peace and self-discovery. 

The 51/49 in our name represents a delicate balance, a harmony between the known and the unknown, the tangible and the intangible. For me, it signifies the pivotal 1% - the subtle shift that can lead to profound change. It embodies the belief that within each of us lies the power to unlock our true potential, to embrace our divine selves.

My path to creating WITHIN 51/49 began with my own spiritual journey. During a particularly busy time in my professional life - living far from family, constantly travelling with work, and feeling overwhelmed - I found myself instinctively closing my eyes, transporting myself back to the tranquil ambiance of temples I had visited, where scent played a dominant role. 

It was in these moments of escape that I realised the profound impact scent had on my sense of peace and serenity. It became clear to me that I needed a way to carry this sacred scent with me, a reminder of the calm I found amidst the chaos. And so, I began to create WITHIN 51/49, a brand dedicated to capturing and sharing this essence of tranquillity. Our inaugural collection, aptly titled 'The Temple,' embodies this journey, inviting everyone to find their own sanctuary within life's labyrinth.

What sets WITHIN 51/49 apart is our holistic approach to well-being. We provide exquisite fragrances, meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of tranquillity and harmony, and we also go beyond scent alone. We incorporate sound, neuroscience and meditation, enhancing the experience and guiding you on a journey within. 

Each of these elements work together to provide a unique experience. We are proud to introduce HARMONIZED WITHIN technology, inspired by the work of renowned Japanese businessman, Masaru Emoto, and the fascinating branch of physics called, Cymatics. 

Cymatics is the study of wave phenomena WITHIN sound and its visual manifestations. Our innovative process harnesses the transformative power of sound to create harmony at a cellular level. This unique approach neutralises negative electromagnetic fields and harmonises the fragrances, resulting in a truly holistic experience.

Thanks to our partnership with IFF, we use premium, natural ingredients proven by neuroscience to trigger an emotional response. We call this our emotional fusion. Plus, each of our fragrances is paired with its own unique gemstone by our gemologist, selected to enhance the sensory experience and promote positive energy. We have also included a crystal inside every box of WITHIN 51/49, to further enhance your meditation experience. 

As we continue our journey together, I invite you to embrace the sensory fusion and soulful discovery that is WITHIN 51/49. 

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