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First 100 customers receive an exclusive gift with purchase. You will be emailed your gift offer.
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First 100 customers receive an exclusive gift with purchase. You will be emailed your gift offer.
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Our partnership with IFF allows us to craft exquisite natural fragrances, proven by neuroscience to trigger an emotional response, or what we call ‘Emotional Fusion’. Let’s meet the incredible perfumers behind each of our fragrances: 

Caroline Dumur, Perfumer, IFF

Caroline Dumur is the creative force behind our scents Om Mimosa and Heavenly. Caroline finds her inspiration in the rich history of perfumes, delving into the past to inform her work every day. She believes in the power of using large quantities of raw materials to achieve clarity, depth, and intensity in her creations. Caroline's mission is to create masterpieces, striving for perfection with meticulous dedication, much like the renowned perfumer Roudnitska. Her passion lies in the elusive and intricate structure of chypre fragrances, which she finds fascinating for their nebulous nature and unparalleled depth.

Fanny Bal, Senior Perfumer, IFF

Fanny Bal is the visionary behind our scents Jana, Shangri Lavender, and Nirvaname. Fanny finds inspiration in the thrill of each day being unique. Passionate about musks and pastries, she delves into the concept of addiction in perfume, aiming to create alternatives to sugar that evoke a sense of addictive comfort. Her mission is to craft a perfume with a strong olfactory signature that people become attached to, with the ultimate reward being the experience of smelling her creation on the street.

Nicolas Beaulieu, VP Perfumer, IFF

Nicolas Beaulieu is the expert behind our Reborn scent. Nicolas draws his inspiration from the joy of conviviality and the happiness that comes from being around people. He believes that perfume is a powerful key to eliciting emotion, with the primary accord being emotion itself. Nicolas is dedicated to creating perfumes that are not only pleasing to wear but also foster a sense of community, uniting lives through their unique scents. His passion lies in exploring a wide range of ingredients to craft fragrances that resonate with and delight those who wear them.

Domitille Michalon, VP Perfumer, IFF

Domitille Michalon is the talented creator of Pacha Mama. Domitille draws her inspiration from a deep desire to understand. She is captivated by the architecture of perfumes, focusing on their structure, scaffolding, and shape. Her mission is to create fragrances with such a strong identity that they envelop their wearer, immersing them in imaginary worlds where they can savour every texture, feel every effect, and explore new sensory realms. Domitille's passion lies in gathering and sharing fragments of life, creation, and everyday experiences, always striving to move and be moved by her surroundings.

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